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2018 Census Primary and Intermediate schools' resources

Stats NZ have produced these 2018 Census Support Resources to support the online census being held on March 6. They include resources for Primary and Intermediate schools in English and te reo Māori, with activities that provide students with opportunities to learn more about the census by seeing the relevance of the data generated in their own lives, and by being able to talk about data and the census at school and at home.

Activities included are designed to help students:

  • think from different perspectives about the census, look at different people and groups and then, having developed some understanding of the point-of-view of others, do an exercise to convince people who don’t want to complete the census, to take part.
  • find out about the languages spoken in New Zealand; and talk about Māori language schools, Kura Kaupapa Māori.
  • compare the world they are living in now, with the world they will live in in 2038.
  • support others to do the census is online.

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