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The New Zealand Curriculum states that the primary purpose of assessment is to improve students’ learning and teachers’ teaching as both student and teacher respond to the information that it provides (page 39). Effective assessment benefits students, involves students, supports teaching and learning, is varied to suit the context and purpose, and is valid and fair.

Te Marautanga o Aotearoa expresses similar views in the section Ngā Ahuatanga Ako, under the heading Te Whakarite Aromatawai Whai Take (page 15).

For the senior social science disciplines, the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) is the major assessment tool. It is a standards based form of assessment that ties in well with an assessment for learning approach. Teachers can use formative assessment processes as part of teaching and learning. For example, it is important that students working towards NCEA achievements are well informed of their progress and of the assessment requirements. This will enable them to discuss and clarify their goals, and understand more about how their learning processes contribute to better outcomes.

Links to key resources and information for assessment in economics are provided here:

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