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Using the social studies exemplars

Planning approaches and unit ideas that show ways of working with the social studies exemplars.

These resources are not aligned with The New Zealand Curriculum (2007). Please use only as a stimulus to develop units of work to meet the needs of students in your own classroom.

  • Whole-department approach

    A college's social studies department wanted to develop its year 10 students’ knowledge and understanding of a key level 5 concept: Access to resources.

  • Making rules and laws

    This planning overview was developed with the aim to use the Key aspects of learning and matrices from the social studies and health and physical education exemplars as a focus in planning and teaching, and for self/peer/teacher assessment.

  • Goldminers' gardens

    This is a social studies unit plan for levels 2–3, which uses the social studies exemplar "Goldminers' Garden" (level 2).

  • A Pasifika context

    This series of four lessons for a year 9 class uses a context drawn from the "Pacific Paradise" unit and demonstrates how a social studies exemplar might work in a secondary school that has a large number of Pasifika students.

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