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  • Atlantis Quest, levels 4–8

    A web quest to uncover the truth about Atlantis. Students need to make judgements about the validity of sources on the Internet and will design a multimedia presentation showing their findings.

  • Daring to Resist, levels 5–8

    Although this site is based on the movie about three Jewish women who resisted Nazism during World War II, it can be used effectively without actually viewing the film. There are background notes, an interactive timeline, study guides, and an excellent set of links.

  • CountryReports, levels 1–8

    A handy reference site with national anthems, flags, maps, geography, demography, weather, and news from the nations of the world.

  • Education World's Holocaust links, levels 5–8

    A set of links for teachers planning to teach about the Holocaust.

  • The Nizkor Project, levels 5–8

    Nizkor is Hebrew for 'We will remember' – in this case, the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Information is provided about the concentration camps, the people involved, and the Nuremberg Trials. The site also examines the issue of holocaust 'revisionism'. Reference.

  • Shackleton's Antarctic odyssey, levels 5–8

    Check in on our team of adventurers as they retrace Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton's historic journey to South Georgia Island in 1914. Follow along as the team ventures into the pack ice, where Shackleton's boat got stuck, and then to the remote, uninhabited Elephant Island, where the team was stranded.

  • Virtual Museum of Canada, levels 1–8

    Check out the History and Society section of this fascinating site.

  • The Evolution of Languages, levels 5–8

    This Exploratorium Magazine site explores the origin and spread of language, and also has activities to encourage investigation of word history, relationships between languages, and dialect development.

  • Women in World History Curriculum, levels 5–8

    An interactive site that is full of information and resources reflecting women's experiences in world history. The links section is very comprehensive.

  • WWII maps and more, levels 5–8

    This is an excellent collection of maps that relate to WWII. It includes maps of almost everything you can map to do with WWII. It also backgrounds terms and facts, timelines, and has sections on the Holocaust, flags, statistics, and trivia.

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