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Social Sciences Online. Ministry of Education


  • Environment and Nature News

    This Australian Broadcasting Corporation science site has a particularly good section on environmental matters. It uses links with the current news to provide a wealth of information. It has an Australian focus, but translates well to global issues.

  • Environmental Kids Club, levels 1–4

    These pages from the Environmental Protection Agency provide students with lessons and activities in a variety of areas where they can help clean up and protect the environment.

  • Volcanoes of Auckland, levels 5–8

    Set up by the Auckland Museum as part of an exhibition, this site provides information about the volcanoes of Auckland, volcanoes as natural hazards, and background information (for example, Māori use of the volcanic cones).

  • Worldwatch Institute, levels 5–8

    According to its mission statement, this organisation is devoted to fostering the evolution of an environmentally sustainable society. A comprehensive selection of news releases is free, but its magazine is available only on subscription.

  • Maui's dolphin - An inquiry to action

    The resource is for primary teachers, and demonstrates how inquiry learning approaches can be used to engage students in learning about and taking action for New Zealand's critically endangered endemic dolphin.

    It can be downloaded for free from the WWF website.

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