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Social Sciences Online. Ministry of Education


  • Discover Kohinga Taonga, levels 3–8

    This free online resource for all New Zealand schools is a treasure trove of New Zealand art, music, Māori, and historical resources. It contains photographs, paintings, posters, and essays, as well as video and sound clips that reflect our unique heritage. An excellent section on historical posters is available.

  • Living Heritage Tikanga Tuku Iho, levels 1–8

    A project that aims to encourage young people to investigate their heritage and record it as an online resource. An excellent companion project to Our Place To Matou Wahi.

  • New Zealand, levels 5–8

    An intriguingly anonymous site that touches on New Zealand history, culture, tourism, and sports. This is a useful resource for values exploration.

  • The Evolution of Languages, levels 5–8

    This Exploratorium Magazine site explores the origin and spread of language, and also has activities to encourage investigation of word history, relationships between languages, and dialect development.

  • Heritage Explorer, levels 1-5

    A teacher resource that supports year 1-10 students to develop an understanding - from a social studies perspective -  of what heritage means.

    Section One looks at how the study of heritage relates to the New Zealand Curriculum, and Section 2 suggests ways in which teachers can use the social inquiry approach to explore aspects of New Zealand’s cultural heritage. Learning experiences and approaches are for level 4 of the curriculum, but can easily be adapted to different levels

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