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  • News Archives on the Web, levels 5–8

    Links to non-United States newspaper archives on the Internet (but not including those of the Pacific). A useful resource for inquiry and values exploration, especially for senior students.

  • Australian Newspapers Online, levels 5–8

    A huge database of links to more than 70 Australian newspapers, with a brief description of each one.

  • BBC News, levels 1–8

    The BBC's world news service in print, audio, or video, with excellent In Depth and Talking Points sections. Well worth exploring.

  • CNN, levels 1–8

    CNN.com is well worth visiting. It features a marvellous In Depth section, a Multimedia Showcase, analysis, and much more. Digging into this site is an adventure. Visit the Video Vault, Audio Select, CNN Anchors for transcripts of interviews, and Sports Illustrated.

  • Guardian unlimited, levels 5–8

    Online access to the Guardian and Observer newspapers in the United Kingdom. The archive section can be searched. Useful for background material for current issues and values exploration in particular. There's an Education section on Tuesdays for your professional development.

  • In the Mix – Exploring Media Messages, levels 5–8

    This lesson uses discussion and activities to help students explore how advertising and the media affect self-image.

  • Ireland.com, levels 1–8

    The Irish Times site for all those with Irish ancestry – and for those without. Check out the St Patrick's Day site before you turn green.

  • Letter From America, levels 5–8

    Yes, Alistair Cooke's Letter From America is online. You'll find biographical details and classic Letters From America on this site.

  • Media Awareness Network, levels 5–8

    This excellent site for teachers and senior social studies students provides a clear introduction to this vital subject and supports it with some excellent articles and information for those who want to explore in greater depth. Highly recommended.

  • New York Times: 150 years

    For students studying the history of newspapers, reporting, and the media, the collection of articles at this site will provide an excellent insight into the changes in newspaper reporting over the last 150 years.

  • New York Times on the web, levels 1–8

    The New York Times is claimed by many to be the best newspaper in the world. Check it out and decide for yourself.

  • New Zealand Herald, levels 1–8

    Auckland's daily newspaper online. Follow the link to MyTown to find news about your town. Keep up to date with the news and dig into the in-depth sections on sport, travel, technology, entertainment, and global news.

  • NZoom, levels 5–8

    Claims to be the site for New Zealand news. And you can find out what's on TV tonight.

  • Radio New Zealand, levels 1–8

    Listen to Radio New Zealand live, or subscribe to access Kim Hill, Checkpoint, and a range of other RNZ programmes.

  • New York Times – The Learning Network: Social Studies

    Lesson plans and teaching resources for teaching social studies using The New York Times

  • The September 11 Digital Archive

    This site uses electronic media to collect, preserve, and present the history of this date. It contains first-hand accounts of the 9/11 attacks and their aftermath. Sections include stories, email, still and moving images, audio, documents, FAQ, and links to related sources. Sponsored by the Center for History and New Media and the American Social History Project.

  • Scoop, levels 1–8

    This is a great online source for New Zealand news, with the currency of radio and the depth and coverage of newspapers.

  • Social Critic, levels 5–8

    A vast array of selected social criticism readings on many topics, from authors whose voices may differ from those we often hear in the mainstream media. Topics range from progress and protest to science and sustainable development.

  • Stuff, levels 1–8

    This New Zealand site is easy to use and gives full news coverage from metropolitan and regional newspapers such as The Dominion Post, Christchurch Press, and Manawatu Evening Standard, and community news. The photo and cartoon galleries are very useful, too.

  • TIME for Kids, levels 1–8

    TIME magazine for kids, with some of the main stories in TIME adapted for children. Archives go back to 1997. There are links to an author staying over at McMurdo. Good for current and global issues.

  • TIME.com, levels 1–8

    TIME's online magazine is excellent for exploring current issues in depth. Dig into this site for some rich resource material. Check out the Photo Essays and Newsfiles sections.

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