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Social studies resources: multimedia, virtual field trips and webquests

This section has online projects and programmes, virtual field trips, forums, multimedia interactives, digital learning objects, webquests, and some useful websites.

  • Consumer Protection school resources

    These resources for years 4–10, consisting of teaching and learning plans and interactive case scenarios, aim to equip students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values to be informed and confident consumers. At each level the resources explore consumer protection within a different context. The plan for years 4–6 focuses on toys and games, years 7–8 focuses on mobile phones, while the plan for students in years 9 –10 focuses on consumer protection laws in both national and global settings.

  • LEARNZ – Virtual field trips, levels 1-8

    LEARNZ virtual field trips provide free, fully supported, interactive student experiences plus the largest collection of New Zealand, contemporary digital resources for education. These engaging, curriculum rich e-learning opportunities allow students to interact with inaccessible people and places throughout New Zealand and Antarctica.

  • Living Heritage Tikanga Tuku Iho, levels 1–8

    A project that aims to encourage young people to investigate their heritage and record it as an online resource. An excellent companion project to Our Place To Matou Wahi.

  • My hero, levels 1–8

    The goal at My Hero is to discover real-life heroes using the World Wide Web. This is an ongoing project where students around the world submit their heroes from such diverse fields as the arts and entertainment, sports, and science, and groups such as life savers and peace makers, actors, and business leaders.

  • World Vision – Frontline Connection, levels 1–8

    Internet connections are an annual event, running live in Term 1. These interactive websites provide students with a variety of opportunities to increase their knowledge and understanding about issues related to inequalities in development. Participants gain a sense of reality as they link with real people in real situations.

  • Explorer Project, levels 3–8

    Fathom Expeditions was born on the inspiration of the great Antarctic explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton. Drawing on over 100 previous Antarctic expeditions and a strong passion for exploration and learning, they have created a boutique and personal expeditions company dedicated to once-in-a-lifetime experience using small ships to travel the remote regions of the world.

  • Online Expeditions, levels 3–8

    This site is a portal for many expeditions that are occurring around the world and links to expeditions by National Geographic and Discovery.com. It is updated regularly, allowing students to follow the progress of expeditions throughout their duration.

  • WebQuest

    This website describes web quests, explains how to create them, and provides a variety of useful links to extend professional learning about them.

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