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Leading Local Curriculum Guide ANZH webinars

Presented by Curriculum Leads, these webinars walk school leaders through the Leading Local Curriculum ANZH Guides. See Leading Local Curriculum Guide ANZH webinars for details.

Choose a time that works best for you from the dates listed (September 2022).

Webinar 2: Leading Local Curriculum Guide ANZH Part 2

  • Introduction to the Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories (ANZH) Leading Local Curriculum Guide Part 2
  • Revisit the self-review tool – Poutama
  • Features of the new ANZH curriculum and the wider curriculum refresh – the Understand Know and Do Framework and the progressions 
  • Understand, Know and Do elements – they are not separate and they are not in sequence; explore what each element is about and how they weave together; give practical examples
  • Stocktake of your own programme – Tips and tricks for this process 
  • Wellbeing – Explore the wellbeing strategies in the guide 

Leading Local Curriculum Guide ANZH Part 2.