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Tuia Mātauranga 2019 education programme

In 2019 New Zealand will commemorate the 250th anniversary of the first onshore encounters between Māori and non-Māori, and the feats of Polynesian navigators and explorers who reached and settled in Aotearoa New Zealand many years earlier.

Tuia – Encounters 250 is a national commemoration of the multiple histories that formed our nation and aims for New Zealanders to talk about our rich histories and our national identity.

Tuia – Encounters 250 events will be held across the country throughout 2019, culminating in a flotilla of vessels: waka, the replica Endeavour, tall ships, vaka, and naval ships. The flotilla will travel to sites of significance for Māori, Pacific and European voyaging.

The Ministry will support the commemoration through Tuia Mātauranga, which is the national education programme to support teaching and learning using the themes of the commemoration as part of local curriculum development. It will include learner-focused activities and events designed to engage learners, while learning about the themes related to Tuia in national, local, and personal contexts. 

Resources for teaching and learning

Tuia Mātauranga will support teaching and learning by providing access to a curated suite of education resources for the Tuia themes, and will also provide support to apply them to local curriculum development, including in-class and community activities. These resources are currently in development and will be available from January 2019 – the Ministry will regularly update content throughout the 2019 school year. 

Tuia Mātauranga curiosity cards

The cards and supporting material can also be found on the National Library website.

Tuia Mātauranga 2019 digital planner

A printed wall planner, intended to assist schools and teachers with their 2019 planning, was distributed to all early childhood centres and schools through the Education Gazette in October 2018. The planner includes historical information to spark conversations or inspire investigation into our histories or scientific discoveries. 

Download one or more of these digital versions of the 2019 planner, and edit them to include information relevant to you.

Inquiry-based learning questions

A series of questions has been developed to stimulate deeper thinking by children and young people within their local environment.

These inquiry-based learning questions align with the programme themes of culture, technology, environment and economy, and will be explored in the following topics.

  • Term 1: Voyaging
  • Term 2: First Encounters
  • Term 3: New Zealand History
  • Term 4: Legacy of Learning, including the environment, and building and maintaining relationships.

The questions are designed to be part of more in-depth inquiries into voyaging, first encounters, New Zealand history, and a shared future throughout the year. Exemplars for cross-curricular teaching and learning will be available to support teachers for different levels of the curriculum.

Download the complete list of inquiry-based learning questions.

About Tuia – Encounters 250

The national commemoration, which is led by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, will involve events across the country from October to December 2019. 

Specific regional commemorations are also being developed and delivered by four charitable trusts in the four parts of Aotearoa where Māori and Europeans first met during the 1769 voyage.

Visit the Ministry for Culture and Heritage website's section Tuia 250 Encounters to find out more about Tuia – 250. 

More information

For queries about the Tuia Mātauranga education programme, please email tuia@education.govt.nz

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