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Find resources that explore key international organisations. 

Amnesty International, levels 5–8

A rich collection of online news and information on human rights themes and international campaigns, with a documentary library, links, and media releases.

Visit Amnesty International, levels 5–8

Amnesty International logo.

Greenpeace International

Looking for information on current issues? You should find relevant material here, at the home of one of the best-known global lobby groups.

Visit Greenpeace International

Greenpeace logo.

OneWorld, levels 1–8

OneWorld is a community of organisations working from a range of perspectives and backgrounds to promote sustainable development and human rights. 

Visit OneWorld, levels 1–8


Mines Advisory Group, levels 5–8

A British-based organisation working to clear mines and provide humanitarian aid to landmine victims. 

Visit Mines Advisory Group, levels 5–8

Mines Advisory Group logo.

Peace Corps, levels 1–8

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to live in another country? Read stories about Peace Corp involvement and activities from around the world.

Visit Peace Corps, levels 1–8

Peace Corps logo.

Te Papa Museum of New Zealand

Planning a trip to Te Papa? Find out what's on using this site's up-to-date information on current exhibitions.

Visit Te Papa Museum of New Zealand

UNICEF: Voices of Youth

A rich source of information on current issues relating to children. 

Visit UNICEF: Voices of Youth

UNICEF logo.

UN Mine Action Service, levels 5–8

A comprehensive overview of United Nations involvement in campaigns against landmines.

Visit UN Mine Action Service, levels 5–8

UN Mine Action logo.

World Vision

A rich source of material for any topic relating to access to resources and social justice and human rights. 

Visit World Vision

World Vision logo.

World Wildlife Fund

WWF environmental education programmes in New Zealand. This site has a science focus, but there is something here for social studies too.

Visit World Wildlife Fund

WWF logo.