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You know your own students best! Select words that students will be able to manage from a word list on the focus of learning or topic, or add words you want to introduce. You decide how many.

Organise your class into groups of three or four. Each group will need a pen and scrap paper for drawing their clues.

Students take turns in collecting words from teacher. They return to their group and draw picture clues. The person doing the drawing is not allowed to speak. When someone in the group gets the correct answer, the next person goes to the teacher for the next new word. Groups must work quietly so they are not overheard by other groups.

Give out words to groups one by one, in the same order for all groups. Whisper (or show on a card) the new word to the student. The first group to get to the end of your word list wins.

Use these words to start a vocabulary chart, which you can build on throughout the unit.