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Tools for primary source analysis

The National Library's primary source analysis tools are designed for ākonga from years 1–13 in Aotearoa NZ schools. Ākonga can examine different primary sources, then use the collation tool – Kohinga taunaki matua | A place to collect your evidence – to bring together evidence from different sources.


The suite of tools is designed for analysing specific primary sources (for example, photo or artwork). The tools are designed to be printed for ākonga to complete offline.

Each tool has a simple text-accessible version for learners who may prefer this option. The simple text version may be useful for kaiako to use as a guide, or to create their own learning activities around primary source analysis.

The tools have been designed by experienced teachers, with guidance from an accessibility expert for the online content.

There are three levels of tools to support ākonga with different skills in primary source analysis:

  • explore
  • analyse
  • critically analyse.

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